E-Waste Removal and Collection

We offer Professional Pickup and removal service for your Ewaste Recycling. We are proud to offer this service in the Ottawa Region.


Corporate Pickup

We pick up any of the items on our price list for a transport fee (dependant on pickup size) plus any applicable recycling fees. The pickup fee covers:

  • Pickup within 100 kilometers of our Kanata location
  • two hours (including travel time in both directions)
  • one driver


  • Items must be easily accessible (on the loading dock or at the ground floor door nearest the location where the truck will park.)
  • There must be adequate access for a large  truck 
  • The contact person must be available at the time of pickup.


Why recycle?

Keep Toxins Out of Landfill Sites

Electronic equipment contains toxic materials like barium, beryllium, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, and phosphorus that can leach into groundwater from landfill sites. Many garbage programs will no longer accept electronic equipment, even at their hazardous waste depots. Help save the environment from toxins and comply with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations regarding disposal.

Limit Your Liability

Canada signed the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal that came into force in 1992. The Basel Convention strictly controls the export of many types of hazardous waste, including electronics. A company or individual may be held responsible for improper disposal if equipment with distinguishing features (logo, company name, company data, personal data) is disposed of incorrectly.  Some companies' equipment has ended up littering riverbanks in China and Africa. Imagine that negative publicity.

Maintain Privacy and Security

Hard drives often contain proprietary, confidential, or otherwise private data. Even formatting the drive does not make the data unreadable. Recycling offers an optional service (for a fee) that destroys hard drive data by physically destroying of the drive itself. Optionally, you could drill one or several holes through the hard drive using a drill bit designed for metals.

Conserve Resources

Some resources are becoming increasingly scarce. There are estimates that the world's supply of copper is insufficient to meet the needs of telecommunications wiring in the near future. Cellular telephones and gadgets have helped because they do not need vast numbers of copper transmission lines to function. Some resources, like aluminium, are cheaper and more efficient to recycle than to mine and refine. (The difference in energy required to recycle one pop can versus mining and refining boxite to create a new aluminium can will power a television for three hours.) This saves money, energy, and the environment. Recycling will reclaim resources like copper, aluminium, steel, gold, and platinum for use within Canada.